Anthony 'Ashwin' Palliparambil, Jr., is an artist and educator who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

A native of the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Anthony is devoted to exploring beauty both as a maker and a thinker. His interests lie in exploring the bridge between technology and the arts. He takes an "art is for everyone" approach to creating, and shares his work with reckless abandon. #AnthonyAshwin

Anthony has over eight years experience in the creative industry, from managing a non-profit art gallery, to supporting his own art practice, to recent forays into art and design criticism. He has an extensive exhibition history, and has been awarded four permanent public art commissions. He is also in the public art collections of the University of Virginia Children's Hospital and the University of West Virginia.

A recent graduate of the Master's in Fashion Studies program at Parsons School of Design in New York, NY, Anthony has recently published a variety of reviews of fashion exhibitions and collection reviews during New York Fashion Week. Likewise, he has freelanced as an installation assistant on two globally recognized fashion exhibitions.

In his limited spare time, Anthony enjoys exploring Washington, DC and New York, watching documentaries, eating sushi, and discovering new museums and galleries.

Anthony is currently freelancing as he searches for his next adventure, and can be reached using the Contact form on this website, or by emailing